April 23, 2024
12:52 pm


Faculty members and students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics had a two-day visit to the BME, where they were introduced to the English-language Master in Finance programme.

For the third time this year, several faculty members and students from the SABAH Center of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) had a visit to the BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (hereinafter: GTK). In addition to the 34 students, two faculty members spent two days at the GTK this time.

The purpose of the visit was to further explore the possibilities of collaboration between the two universities and to introduce the English-language Master in Finance programme at GTK. On the occasion of their visit on 20-21 March 2024, GTK staff also gave them a campus tour, during which the students looked around the Q building and the whole BME campus.  The guests listened to presentations about the BME and GTK and received information about the English-language Master’s programmes. The Azeri students listened to two lectures of the Master in Finance programme held in English: ‘Industry policy in a portfolio-theory approach’, held by András Bethlendi, Vice Dean for Financial Matters, Head of Department of Department of Finance, programme leader of Master in Finance. In addition, a lecture on ‘Financial history’ was given by András Póra, assistant lecturer at the Department of Finance.

The Azeri lecturers gave two guest lectures: Aygun Abdulova delivered a lecture, titled ‘Innovative methods of HRM’, and Aysel Guliyeva, with the title ‘New trends in macroeconomics’.

The successful visit will be repeated next year in the framework of collaboration between the two institutions.