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At BME, the training portfolio is broadening with additional programmes, most of which comply with new requirements posed by digitalisation such as nuclear technology management, space engineering or BIM engineering programme.

At BME, we provide you many opportunities to make international acquaintances, to relax in addition to your studies, and to expand your knowledge and complement your studies in a more informal way. Our programs include a sports day, the opportunity to register with European student organizations, the opportunity to join colleges for advanced studies, and you can also participate in the largest student festival in Budapest, which is organized by our university within the framework of the BME University Days.

The BME University Sports Day will feature a wide range of sports available on campus, so you can try your hand at beach volleyball, tennis, squash, football or even streetball. Of course, you can not only sign up for the sports above, but you can also try yourself at many other sports, including beach handball, baseball, weightlifting, wall climbing, fencing, athletics, cycling, badminton, Frisbee, beer pong, laser tag…

In line with BME’s mission and tradition, physical education and sports are a priority and our goal is to make physical activity part of university life. If you like to play sports, do not miss the opportunity to try the modern, well-equipped rooms of the BME Sports Center as part of our physical education classes, or beyond, our group classes available at a student discount. Would you just jump in, to train after classes? At BME, you will also have the opportunity to do so in the gym of the Sports Center. With us, the PE is never boring, as in addition to the basic sports, you can also try more special sports such as Aikido, spinal exercises, skating, ricochet, table-tennis or, for example, the very diverse Hungarian folk dance.

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Every autumn, BME organises the biggest student festival in Budapest, BME University Days, where you can party one last time before you start your studies and get lost in the mysteries of science.

The BME Job Fair is a free event held every semester where students, fresh graduates and even employees have an opportunity to find thousands of job offers and internships by various companies from all fields. If you are not sure about your future plans, they also offer you free trainingtrainings and guidance to help you find suitable job offers.

The International Fair is a co-event of the Job Fair. The programme is designed to collect and introduce foreign research and study scholarships, internships, summer job opportunities and language courses. You can put your questions to the representatives of international student organisations such as Erasmus+, DAAD, CCUSA, BEST, IAESTE, Fulbright Education USA or ESTIEM.

AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.
ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is a non-profit organisation for IEM students who combine technological understanding with management skills.
IAESTE is an international organisation for the exchange of students for technical work experience abroad. They serve 4,000 students, 3,000 employers and 1,000 academic institutions through career-focused professional internships abroad, social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities.

Colleges for Advanced Studies are organizations organized and led by students, where everyone can utilize their already acquired professional knowledge, develop their organising, leadership and other competencies. In addition, members can take part in lectures, workshops and other professional events organized by the college members themselves. This is not only an excellent opportunity to expand contacts and broaden professional knowledge, as well as to participate in pleasant community programs, but it has also great importance in the labour market and can bring significant benefits to the prospective applicant.

BME Architect Club College for Advanced Studies is acting at the Faculty of Architecture. The organization was established in 2008 as a student circle. From 2019 it was officially accepted by the Student Representation of the faculty and received the title of qualified college for advanced studies, based on the decision of the Rating Committee requested by the National College Movement. Our main focus is, of course, architecture and all its aspects. We mainly organize professional lectures, building tours and community programs mixed with other professional programs.

We place great emphasis on the practical deepening of knowledge beyond university education, cooperation with different frontiers and the organization of programs. Our lecturers are not only architects or representatives of the fields related to architecture, but we also invite many other professionals and artists from semester to semester in order to broaden our horizons.

The BME College for Advanced Studies of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2012 by the cooperation of professional self-active groups operating at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The college has several departments.

The aim of the college is to enable its members to acquire professional knowledge that complements and deepens their university studies. By the cooperation of the departments, it is possible to perform complex professional tasks that span several departments.
All this takes place in a professional community where the goals and values are determined by professional recognition and cohesion.

The BME College for Advanced Studies of Management is an independent, non-profit organization that facilitates its members and students of engineering and economics in Budapest an outstanding acquisition of management and leadership knowledge and gain experience by applying them in practice in our projects. Our college belongs directly to the University Student Representation.

Main programs:
Academy of Management
Professional marathon
CASE – Business case study competition and case-study making preparation training
Project Management Club Meeting
MSZK TDK award
lectures, courses, trainings (e.g. strategic management, business English)

BME Szilárd Zielinski College for Advanced Studies of Civil Engineering is a self-active professional group founded by students.
Therefore, among our professional programs, quality study trips are also included for civil engineering students to ensure the diversity of their training. We are expanding the range of venues of the professional study trips every year and we are already organizing almost 20-25 study trips a year.

International study trips include the Advent study trip to Vienna every year, within the framework of which, we visit the current constructions and developments in Vienna. We also visited the most important current constructions of Maribor and Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Cologne and Annaberg (Austria).
Our professional conferences and competitions also play a key role in our activities.

In the early 2000’s, a group of BME engineering students felt that in addition to the basic knowledge that the university provide, it was essential for success to be aware of ongoing industry research and current information. Therefore, in 2002, with the support of the Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics (ETE), the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE) and the Hungarian Energy Society (MET), the College for Advanced Studies of Energy was established in cooperation with mechanical and electrical engineering students.

In order to strengthen our international relations, in 2006 we established the Hungarian student department of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), an international engineering association dealing with energy management. At the AEE World Conference in 2007, in recognition of our professional work, we were able to receive the “Best Student Chapter” award for the first time, which we have won every year since then.

Our main programs:
Weekly lectures, factory visits and forums
International conference (IYCE) organised by the college every two years
Preparatory consultations on some subjects
Solving energy tasks with the help of academics
Call for tenders for TDK and diploma projects

The László Gillemot College for Advanced Studies was founded in 2018, with the aim of providing its members and students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with the opportunity to acquire material science knowledge not included in the university education, within the framework of lectures, courses, factory visits and special laboratory sessions. The college gives special support to the professional development and scientific student activities of its members, either by providing a dissertation, TDK supervision and participation in a conference.

KommON BME College for Advanced Studies of Communication was established in 2012 as the first communication college in the country, so it has great significance for the development of later communication organizations.

Despite its young age, the college works on several projects that are implemented by college members – sometimes with the help of academics. In addition to its educational activities, KommON also organizes monthly Professional Evenings, which are open to all interested students. In our professional evenings, the lecturers are renowned professionals who work in the Hungarian communication sphere or in the media.

The goal of the organization is to provide practice-oriented education for those interested in the social sciences, communication, and media, in addition to theoretical education.

The College for Advanced Studies of Transportation Engineering was established in 2008 with the aim of giving opportunitiesopportunity for students interested in transportation sciences to take part in independent student professional activities in their spare time and to learn more about the profession. The main goal is to establish a connection between the intellectuals of the technology field and the next generation growing up at the university through a variety of programs.

The college organizes catch-up and training courses, factory visits, symposia and engineering competitions. From 2012, the college launched an independent vehicle construction project, from the design process to the implementation, they do everything themselves.
One of its co-organizations is the BME Formula Racing Team, whose members belong to the Vehicle Technology department of the college. The team has already achieved significant results internationally and domestically as well.

The Tibor Liska College for Advanced Studies is an independent student organization of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. When it was established, the founding members set out to achieve real talent management beyond theory-based university education.
Our organization places great emphasis on ensuring that its members acquire the necessary and useful leadership and organizational skills of the world of work. In addition to the training system, the principle of self-organization, which is the basis of the organization, also provides an opportunity for this.

Our main programs:
Tibor Liska Professional Weeks
Coating camps, excursions
Workshops, courses, lectures

The Károly Simonyi College for Advanced Studies is the College of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK). The founding professional self-active circles have a 30–40-year tradition. These professional groups have been working to a high standard ever since, educating hundreds of highly trained engineers. The college itself was established in 2003. In 2009, it was awarded the Junior Prima Primissima Award in the education and public education category.

The college currently has 8 membership circles, whose work covers almost the entire profession of electrical engineering and informatics, from studio technology through robotics to telecommunications networks. Through continuous professional courses, demonstrations and a multi-million-forint tool park, members can deepen theoretical knowledge and put it into practice, as well as the college provides an opportunity for independent professional work and the implementation of innovative professional ideas.
Thanks to our excellent relationship with the industry, renowned companies such as Google or Microsoft are represented at our events every year.

Jenő Wigner College for Advanced Studies is partis the part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK), founded by a couple of enthusiastic physicists and mathematics students in 2011, making it one of the youngest at the University of Technology.
The college’s programs include, for example, larger lectures, problem-solving and programming seminars, but you can also take part in building demonstration tools or electronic courses.

Main programs:
Lectures, seminars
TTK Special Week
Experimental Circle (project work, courses)
Talent management
BME physics competition

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