February 22, 2022
9:47 pm

Discoveries and inventions of the 21st century

We already told you all about our Nobel-Prize winners and all of our successful alumni throughout the 240 year old history of our university, but we certainly don’t live in the past: the world's attention was brought to BME by our scientists several times in the 21st century as well! Here are some of the outstanding achievements of the latest years:

Sphere: a special body discovered in 2007 by Péter Várkonyi and Gábor Domokos, lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture. The specialty of a convex, homogeneous three-dimensional body is that it has a total of two equilibrium positions (one stable and one unstable).


MASAT-1: the first small satellite built in Hungary, developed by BME researchers, which was launched into space in 2012.


SMOG-P: This small satellite launched from New Zealand in 2019 – an electrosmog map showing the entire surface of the Earth was created based on measurements made during its nearly 10-month space journey.


The role of the University in the field of R&D is quite significant: the names of the lecturers and researchers of the institution often appear in the most recognized publication databases.


Here are some recent results in numbers:


BME participated in 46 projects implemented from Horizon 2020 sources in 2020

There are 67 laboratories in the university that accept market research and development orders

BME runs 9 joint research groups together with the Eötvös Loránd Research Network

BME has 11 research groups inside the MTA-Lendület program

Our scientists have 1655 pieces of publication in the Scopus database and 1222 in the Web of Science database