Chemical Engineering MSc

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK)

This program is for you if you are interested in chemistry and the chemical industry, the design and operation of chemical technological systems, the environmentally conscious application of technological processes, and you want a secure job opportunity and livelihood.

Qualification Chemical Engineering MSc program

Language English

Start September and February

For the admission to the chemical engineering MSc program, completed chemical engineering or bioengineering bachelor’s programs are required. In addition, the following BSc programs are also eligible, but the completion of particular courses are required during the MSc studies: materials engineering, wood engineering, light industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and chemistry. In any case, applicants have to take an online entrance test.

You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.

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Chemical engineer MSc students get a high level knowledge in natural sciences, engineering, informatics and economics as well as in humanities making them suitable to carry out R&D tasks and high level management activities in chemical and related industries.

Natural Sciences

Chemistry and biotechnology

Organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, design of experiments, computational chemistry, biotechnology

15 credits

Physics for chemical engineers

3 credits

Differential equations

3 credits

Additional skills

Management and communication

Technology management, quality control, chemical production control, social and visual communication

6 credits
Elective subjects

Specific courses of the university

6 credits

Advanced Courses

Materials science

Analytical methods in materials science, structural materials and polymers

8 credits
Chemical technology

Process engineering, organic chemical technology

9 credits
Physical chemistry and catalysis

Physical and structural chemistry, environmentally benign and catalytic processes

10 credits

Modern chemical technology, analytical chemistry, or materials science

20 credits

Summer practice (4 weeks), thesis project

30 credits

Career options

The purpose of the program is to train chemical engineers in accordance with the needs of the economy and the labour market. Our students will be able to develop the concept, model, and then design, operate, manage, and maintain chemical and chemical technological systems and processes. They will be qualified for the development of chemical and chemical technologies, processes, and new materials, for the energy-efficient and environmentally conscious application of technological processes; to perform management, control and organizational tasks; to carry out the research, development, planning and innovation tasks of the field; for the management of domestic and international engineering projects.

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