Mathematics Bsc

Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)

Are you fascinated by the beauty of Mathematics and enjoy problem solving? Would you liketo study the facinating world of Mathematics and acquire a language, analytical thinking and problem solving skills of high demand and extremely valuable at the labor market being applicable to attack hard problems in various fileds of science, technology, finance, informatics? If so we invite you to study in our Mathematics BSc program from internationally recognized experts of the field, enjoy strong personal attention in a friendly environment and opportunities to take part in project works and high-level scientific research. In addition to getting familiar with abstract fields of mathematics you can gain insight into various fields of applications and mathematical modelling of real life problems.

Qualification Mathematics BSc program

Language English

Start September

For our BSc programs general minimum requirements are an eligible highschool degree; document of English language proficiency  and successful admission tests, while for our MSc programs an eligible BSc degree is needed. Detailed information on the general admission procedure (deadlines and requirements) can be found on our E-admission

You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.


Mathematics BSc students receive a firm theoretical background in algebra, analysis, geometry, discreet matematics, probability and statistics and get acquainted with applications of mathematics. They take some courses in economics and acquire important programming skills required for applications.

Core courses in Mathematics


Algebra 1-2

11 credits

Analysis 1-2, Differential Equations 1, Functional Analysis 1

22 credits

Differential Geometry 1-2

9 credits
Operations Research
5 credits
Discreet Mathematics

Theory of Algorithms

5 credits
Probability and Statistics

Probability Theory 1, Mathematical Statistics 1

11 credits

Additional skills

Programming and Creating Mathematical models

Informatics 1-3, Programming Exercises for Probability Theory and Theory of Algorithms, Creating Mathematical Models

18 credits

Accounting, Finance, Micro- and Micro Economics

10 credits

Any course of the university

9 credits

Specialization courses

Elective Courses

Electives in Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Discreet Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Stochastics, Physics, Individual Research Projects

18 credits
BSc Thesis Project
10 credits

Foundational courses in Mathematics

Introductory courses in Mathematics

Basics of Mathematics, Calculus 1-2, Introduction to Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2, Combinatorics and Graph Theory 1

52 credits

Career options

Students getting a BSc degree in Mathematics at our university can quickly and easily find interesting and high-paying jobs in Hungary and abroad due to their strong analytical and problem solving skills, easily transferable to different areas of science, finance and technology. Several banks, investment funds, insurance, business consulting companies as well as those engaged in data mining, telecomunication or optimization employ mathematicians in senior positions. After receiving the BSc degree, students can be admitted to our Applied Mathematics or Mathematics MSc program or other MSc programs in Hungary or abroad. After obtaining an MSc our most dedicated students can enroll in our PhD school to become highly qualified researchers and pursue an academic career in Hungary or abroad.

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