Medical Physics MSc

Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)

This unique program aims to educate medical physicists with interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge and application skills, who are capable of performing clinical tasks as scientists participating in academic and industrial research, developing and operating methods, equipment and measuring devices using modern technologies and monitoring the medical application of ionising and non-ionising radiation and radioactive materials. They will have knowledge of medical imaging, nuclear medicine (diagnostics and therapy), radiotherapy, radiation protection and radiobiology and are able to meet the specific requirements of medical physics.

Qualification Medical Physics MSc program

Language English

Start September

Admission procedure: (i) Pre-screening of documents (BSc degree in physics or engineering, min. 15 ECTS credits in Mathematics and min. 25 ECTS credits in Physics), motivation and recommendation letter (if available). (ii) Electronic admission test in physics (online). (iii) Online interview in English (after passed written test): knowledge and preparedness, communication skills, motivation and attitude. (iv) Decision: admission to MSc program (min. 70% admission result) / rejection.

You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.

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Medical Physics MSc students receive a well balanced combination of courses on medical physics, life sciences, physics, computer and data science, as well as laboratory work. The natural science, technological and medical aspects are equally pronounced.


Medical Physics

Physical basis of X-ray diagnostics; Physical basis of radiotherapy; Nuclear Medicine, Radiation protection in medical physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, Basics of functional anatomy, Physics laboratory OF

35 credits
Independent research

Independent laboratories and seminars

23 Credits

Additional skills

Management and communication

Investment, Communication skills, professional English

12 credits
Other subjects

any subject of interest

8 credits

Advanced skills and knowledge

Advanced Medical Physics

Essential medical physiology, Ethical Aspects of Medical Research, Quality assurance and legislation, Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques, Magnetic resonance and clinical applications, Monte Carlo simulations, Industrial and biological applications of lasers, Artificial Intelligence in Data Science, Physical optics…

24 credtis
Professional training
1 week
Thesis work
30 credits

Career options

Medical applications related to nuclear science, such as radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, medical imaging, etc. have a significant need of medical physicists due to rapid technological advances and patient safety. Innovative medical device companies raise an overwhelming demand for creative experts who can bridge the scientific, medical and technological aspects of frontline R&D. Medical physics MSc students can expect prestigious and well-paying jobs at companies specialized in R&D of medical device technologies, data science and artificial intelligence related to medicine, etc. Employment is directly possible after the MSc degree, or our most dedicated students can enrol in our PhD school to become highly qualified researchers or even pursue an academic career.

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