George A. Olah Doctoral School (Chemistry, Chemical- bio- and environmental engineering)

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK)

8 semesters

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology places a particular emphasis on R&D&I activities in accordance with the social mission of our university. Research priorities are related to the fields of inorganic and organic chemistry, chemical technology, pharmaceutical innovation, process engineering, biotechnology, health and environment protection, food related topics, nanotechnology, material sciences, polymer technology in collaboration with research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other industrial partners.

Fields of Study

inorganic and organic chemistry
chemical technology
pharmaceutical innovation
process engineering
health and environment protection
food related topics
material sciences
polymer technology

Start September and February

The requirement for enrollment is an MSc (or equivalent) degree from chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related topic. The results during BSc and MSc studies, documents about scientific activities should be submitted. An online test and an interview should be carried out in the presence of an examining committee. The decision about the enrollment will then be made by the Council of the Doctoral School upon the suggestion given by the examining committee. A B2 level English exam is needed.

You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.

Structure of program

The PhD program lasts for 2+2 years. In the first term the candidate starts the research work and completes all specialized subjects. The prerequisite for continuation is a successful “complex examination”, in which the progress of the candidate is investigated, and decided whether the continuation may result in the completion of the thesis. The candidate focuses on research in the second term.


Guided research
  • supervisor guides and helps research work
Research work
  • publication in peer reviewed international journals
  • presentation of results at international conferences

Midterm evaluation

Comprehensive examination
  • evaluation of scientific background and research progress
  • completion required to enter second half of training


Advanced courses
  • advanced elective courses and participation in international summer schools / workshops support your research
Teaching under guidance
  • teaching BSc/MSc courses under supervision develop further your presentation and communication skills


Public thesis defence

Career options

Chemical and biological industry are among the leading industrial areas in Hungary. Both areas are extremely innovation sensitive thus companies in these fields have an ever-increasing demand for creative experts, who can bridge the scientific and technological aspects of research, development, and production. Accordingly, our students can expect prestigious job opportunities immediately after finishing their PhD studies at various levels from researcher, or group leader. Industrial areas like pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, energetics, medical as well as environmental fields and many more are open for our students during career selection. Our PhD students are highly qualified to continue they career within the academic area also as research fellow or assistant professor.

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