Pre-MSc in Architecture

Faculty of Architecture (ÉPK)

2 semesters

The 2-semester program precedes the MSc Program. The Pre-MSc Program is offered for students who have earned BSc degrees in other schools of architecture and could legally join the MSc Program but could not successfully complete the entrance exam of the MSc Program. Based on the different kind of BSc studies there might be differences in their preparedness. The aim of the Program is to equal these differences and prepare the students for the MSc Program.

Students are offered to join the courses of the Integrated MSc Program. There are two kinds of courses in the Program: obligatory and suggested courses. Successful fulfilment of all the obligatory courses is equal to a successful entrance exam. Suggested courses are tendered to develop the skills of students in various fields.

Fields of Study

Structural design
Building constructio
Elective subjects/ ns
Study room
Social activities
Elective subjects/ Technical skills

Start September

Requirements are the same as the requirements for the MSc programs:

For our MSc programs an eligible BSc degree is needed. Detailed information on the general admission procedure (deadlines and requirements) can be found on our E-admission page*

– BSc degree in Architecture

– Portfolio of professional works and studies

– document of English language  *.

The entrance exam consists of a written part and an oral part (Skype interview).


You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.

Structure of program

Building Constructions, Structural Design are compulsory subjects for all students in both semesters. In addition, we offer elective subjects and courses as design studios or technical skills developing specific competences necessary for the MSc Programme in Architecture. Students also get an insight into the university's training and study system, get familiar with its infrastructure, and get into the rhythm of student life in Budapest.

1. Obligatory subjects
2. Elective subjects
1.1. Building constructions
1.2. Structural design
2.1. Design studios
2.2. Technical skills
1. Obligatory subjects
2. Elective subjects
1.1. Building constructions
1.2. Structural design
2.1. Design studios
2.2. Technical skills
Building construction, technical terminology, design exercise
Structural problems, reinforced concrete, steel, timber and brick structures
Residential buildings, public buildings, workplaces, urban design
Descriptive geometry, design of load-bearing structures, construction technology, architectural informatics

Career options

The Pre-MSc Program prepares students for BME's MSc Program in Architecture. Students who successfully complete the training will automatically be admitted to the BME’s MSc Program in Architecture. Employment is directly possible after the MSc degree, or our most dedicated students can enroll in our PhD or DLA schools to become highly qualified researchers or even pursue an academic career.

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