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Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering (KJK)

Let's invent the vehicles of the future together! On land, water, rail or air? Your place is here! From electric scooters to ocean-going ships, we model, design and develop to make the transport of the future green. Learn with us, so companies can compete for you!

Qualification Vehicle Engineer MSc program

Language English

Start September

For our BSc programs general minimum requirements are an eligible highschool degree; document of English language proficiency and successful admission tests, while for our MSc programs an eligible BSc degree is needed. Detailed information on the general admission procedure (deadlines and requirements) can be found on our E-admission page.


You can study at BME with a scholarship or as a self-funded student, by paying tuition fees. Various scholarships help you cover tuition fees and your living expenses during your studies. Successful PhD students may receive additional support from research grants.

Not available


Vehicle engineer students receive a balanced combination of courses in engineering, control theory, mathematics, computer and data science, as well as management.



Numerical methods, control theory and system analysis

11 credits
Engineering sciences

Material technology, electronics – electronic measurement system

9 credits
Additional skills

Production processes, quality assurance, project management, economics and human sciences, any other course

16 Credits

Additional skills

Production processes, quality assurance, project management, economics and human sciences, any other course

16 credits

Applied sciences and technology

Vehicle sciences and technology

Vehicle design, manufacturing, operation, and diagnostics, mechatronics, structure analysis, fluid- and thermodynamics

28 credits

Automotive vehicle engineer

Suspension, engine, transmission system, and mechatronic design, test and measurement tecnologies

26 credits

Thesis work and Internship

Thesis work

Master thesis 1 and 2

30 credits

Industrial practice

4 weeks

Career options

The MSc in Vehicle Engineering provides graduates with a multidisciplinary knowledge base, enabling them to develop, design, manufacture, and research the processes involved in the development, design, and manufacture of vehicles. The MSc prepares students for managerial roles, creative participation in research and development in the field of vehicles and mobile machinery, and the pursuit of a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. After completing the course, it is possible to find jobs as a development engineer, R&D engineer, project lead/manager, product design engineer, mechanical engineer, process development engineer, team leader, etc., mainly in the automotive industry, but also other related sectors of the economy.

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